Two layers paper bag making machinery with printing 

Two layers paper bag making machinery with printing 


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Two layers paper bag making machinery with printing

SBR-180 Two Layers Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing,with new equipment speed,high production efficiency, adjustment range of advantages, lack of comprehensive domestic like paper bag making machine product and place improved.

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This device is the primary web by the printing machine, side gluing, folding, tube cutting, gluing the bottom,folding the bottom of the paper bag.

Finish the paper bag ,SBR-180 Two Layers Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing the whole machine by the central computer control system, touch-screen display, servo motor control system bag length,

Paper bag machine produce a variety of specifications bags, fastest up every minute 180 paper bags, less labor cost is the preferred paper bag production and processing equipment.

Two Layers Paper Bag Making Machinery Machine functions

1. Paper bag machine Material feeding using hydraulic lift structure, unwinding using automatic tension control.

2. Machine Side glue using the auto gluing system.

3. Correction using the pausource from Taiwan

4. Paper tube forming device include thumb-cut function

5. Automatic shutdown, when it run out of material

6. All of center clip, drum clamps and drum machines are suing spider synchronous adjustment mechanical design, it can significantly reduce the adjustment time to replace the size.

7. With Germany SICK photoelectric, accurately tracking the printed materials

8. Equipped with automatic lubrucation supply system, stoppage alarm system.


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