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How to buy a low cost small paper bag machine

Small paper bag machinery are widely used. Some small paper bag packaging factories especially like small paper bag machines because of their small equipment, good functionality and low investment cost.

So, how can we buy a small paper bag machine at a low cost?

First: we can choose some small and medium-sized paper bag machine factories. Due to the small scale and low production cost of small enterprises, the factory price of paper bag machines will be correspondingly low.

Second: choose some paper bag machine factories with good quality and after-sales service, because low cost does not mean that quality and service are discounted. If there is no good service in the production process, it is very troublesome to have problems.

Third: some small paper bag machine factories have very specific products and high technical content. At the same time, the price of their paper bag machine products is much more favorable than that of some large companies.

paper bag machinery

Let me introduce a small food paper bag making machinery:

Small Adjustable roll to square bottom paper bag making machine is ideal equipment for making paper bag for foodstuff bag, shopping bag and so on.

Controlled by PLC system, equipped with in-touch screen and servo motor for bag length control, this machine can produce different size paper bag.

Wenzhou Hongying Machinery Co., Ltd is a has many years of experiences in developing and researching and manufacturing paper bag machines, food paper bag machines, small-sized packed food paper bags machine series and printing machines.

It has strong technical force and advanced equipment. It has won high respect of the clients. It product are well distributed to the countries and regions like Europe, America, Middle East, South-East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Their products are well accepted in the market.

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1.Quality Commitment: one year guarranty
2. After-sales Service: 24hours online to help customer solve problem.
3. Operation Guide: after the customer receives the goods, the engineer will guide the installation throughout.
4. Machine Parts: machine parts which are convenient for customers to repair and buy by themselves.

SBR-290 Adjustable Roll Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine HY 270 Full Automatic High Speed Food Paper Bag Making Machine Full Automatic High speed Handle paper bag Making Machine
¡¾Paper bag making machine¡¿is the best choice for producing square bottom paper bags. Full Automatic High Speed Food Paper Bag Making Machine is an ideal machine for producing food paper bags like bread bags , KFC paper bags and Mcdonald's paper bags. Full Automatic High speed Handle Making Machine is used for making paper handle rope with high speed.

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